Tuesday’s DIY Woodworking Tips

DIY Woodworking Clamps

Not everyone has the money to spend on a lot of clamps or the time to spend building jigs for a complex woodworking project. Today’s video comes from Izzy Swan, who shows some simple woodworking tips that anyone can do to help simplify their life. The best part of the video is his DIY woodworking clamps. Clamps are a necessary part of building woodworking projects, but it can be costly to buy some of every size so that you always have one handy when you need it. In the video, he shows you how to make a clamp by attaching some wood blocks to a sheet of plywood and then use some small wedges to tighten up the project between the blocks. It is a super simple way to make a clamp. Plus, you will always have the right size clamp because you are making it as you go.

He also shows a few very simple ways to ensure you are drilling a hole that is 90 degrees to the surface of the wood. This is especially helpful for anyone who does not have a drill press. While the hole might not be exactly 90 degrees, it will certainly be much closer to that angle than if you just drilled without a guide.

Check out the video below for all of Izzy’s quick woodworking tips.


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