How to Build Your Own Cabinets


In any woodworker’s workshop there is bound to be cabinets. They are necessary for storage and organization of all the various tools and supplies that a craftsman needs. Sometimes you can get cabinets for free from someone doing a home remodel, but with a little time, you can learn how to build your own cabinets and customize your workshop.

Workshop cabinets are not as difficult to build as you might think. The basics of the cabinets are a box, with openings in the front face for cabinet doors. Inside you can install shelves and drawers, if you want. The type of cabinets that you build is totally up to you and can be sized to your preference. In one area of your woodshop you may need large cabinets to store some of your bigger tools, while in another area you may decide on a cabinet with a wide selection of drawers to hold various hardware for your projects.

Cabinets don’t have to be expensive to build either. Plywood and 2x4s are the main source of material for the workshop cabinets in the video below. If you want to add additional wood trim to your cabinet doors you can, or you can leave them plain for a cheaper method. The hardware for the hinges is inexpensive as well. One set of hinges for a door will be less than $10. Below is a link to our favorite hinges and knobs for custom made cabinets.

Hinges: Self-Closing Face Frame Hinges

Door Knob: Value Hardware Knob


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