Building Your Own Bar Clamps


build your own bar clampsWood clamps are one of the staple tools of any woodworker. If you go into any woodshop you are likely to see a variety of bar clamps in different shapes and sizes hanging up getting ready to be used. Building your own bar clamps can be a great way to save money by building your clamps rather than purchasing them. The larger clamps can certainly get very expensive. Once you know how to build your own bar clamps, you will never have to go to the store to purchase them anymore. If you need a longer length, well then just go out to the woodshop, spend 5-10 minutes with some scrap wood, and you now have brand new clamps to use on your new project.

The only hardware you’ll need for this project is some screws. Unlike other clamp designs that require a steel bar or a long screw, this clamp is made completely with wood. The one end of the clamp has a fixed stop. The other end has a sliding stop that can be positioned into place and then a wedge is used to keep it from moving. Once you have that all set, you can tap in another wedge to firmly secure your project into the clamp.

This is a very simple way to build your own bar clamps. It isn’t necessarily as convenient as the store bought clamps, but it certainly is much cheaper! Store bought clamps do not need the extra wedges and can be securely tightened very quickly. The bar clamps in the video below do take slightly longer to set up on your project because you do have the additional wedges to tap into place. Personally, I don’t worry about the extra time because it is cheaper, and I can always build another clamp when my projects grow in size. Never again will I build something and run out of clamps!


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