How to Cut a Circle in Wood With a Band Saw


cut circle wood bandsawAt some point in time, anyone making furniture is going to have to create a circular tabletop. Cutting circles in wood can be tricky, especially with a band saw. Woodworkers more commonly use a router to cut a circle because it is usually easier to keep the tabletop stationary and cut around it, rather than try to feed a large sheet of wood through a band saw. The problem many beginning woodworkers have is that they don’t always have a router. A band saw, on the other hand, is a more common tool for people to have.

The video below shows how to use a bandsaw to cut a circle in wood. The jig that he makes is quite simple and easy to make for anyone. In addition to easy to make, it is a very cheap option too. A piece of plywood, some bolts, wing nuts, and a scrap piece of a shelf bracket are all that is needed to build this jig. Once completed, the jig will allow you to cut a 3 inch to 40+ inch diameter circle in wood. You can even add a longer bracket to the jig to make an even bigger circle.

As noted in the video, you need to be careful with cutting a small circle. Not only are your fingers going to be very close to the saw blade while you are making the cuts, but the thickness of the blade will get stuck in the wood as you are turning it. Tight radiuses and wide blades do not mix well. If you can get a thinner blade for a tight circle, that is your best option. With a larger circle diameter the width of the blade is not nearly as important as the circle can still turn without pinching the blade.


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